Most of what we’ve got in our store is for sale, but never our Queen(s)!

We’ve been selling specialty international groceries since 1996, and so we’ve received our fair share of special requests, many of which we have taken on board and managed to fulfill.

We’ve even fielded a request for British toilet paper as “the local varieties are not soft enough.”

But there’s one request that we have had to decline: Our Queen statuettes are not for sale!

Queenie 1 and Queenie 2 have graced our store for many years now and though one or both can sometimes be found in unlikely places around the shelves, they normally don’t stray too far from the checkout.

They’re a much loved feature of our store and many a customer seeks them out for a cheery wave. Some even honour them with a polite curtsie or bow.

And so, to all past and future requests to sell our Queens we must politely decline.

Her Majesty agrees.